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The word "brat" has all kinds of connotations - from Paris Hilton to that snotty kid running up and down the aisle during that last flight you took on Sardine West Airlines ... but in this case it's a moniker used by kids who grew up in a khaki-colored world that stopped promptly at 5:00 every day to pay homage to the flag; where everything is painted in shades of olive-drab, and hometowns are places that only exist on television. We cut our teeth in the demilitarized zones of armed forces life - the living rooms, youth centers and schools of base housing around the world.

After years of regaling family and friends with war stories, I was persuaded to put them in writing, and The Brat Chronicles is the fruit of that labor. Each chapter is a story unto itself, and the book spans the years 1954 through 1973, a humorous snapshot of one family who spent 20 years living life in Uncle Sam's shadow.

My own journey spanned the globe from the sunny shores of California during the 1960's - a time of bronzed babes and hippy uprisings - to the forests of Germany where I spent the glorious high school years at K-Town. Man, I love it. Every single minute of it ... from living in a Maid's Room to the October Fest in Munich - it was a wonderful experience. Of course it's more fun to view military life from the front porch than it is wearing a pair of black, shiny boots.

As I get feedback from readers, I find it astounding that "civilians" relate to the stories in spite of the military back drop. I am always getting e-mails from folks who say how much they appreciated the life lessons depicted in the book. I guess teenage angst crosses boundaries of time and experience.

So here it is - my life in 252 pages ... well, up to 1973 anyway. Enjoy the read. And buy a book ... this 8-5 work schedule is really getting to be a drag and I'd love to retire early.

I'd love to hear from you, and as Steve McQueen's character, Sgt. Eustis Clay, says in Soldier in the Rain ...

"Until that time"

- Michael

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